COVID-19: QA Update

Covid-19 Update from Queensland Athletics

RE: Changes to COVID 19 Restrictions

I hope you are going Ok in these challenging times.

As I am sure you are aware last Friday the Queensland Government announced the “Roadmap Map to Easing COVID 19 Restrictions”.

A link to this and to the associated FAQs in provided below.

This is a three-stage process Stage 1 begins at midnight Friday the 15th May, Stage 2 midnight June 12 and Stage 3 midnight July 10. It is important to note that there are check points built in, we will only progress from one stage to the next if:

  • COVID 19 infections remain at acceptable levels
  • Contact tracing is effective
  • Organisations are implementing the restrictions effectively

It is very important if we are to progress to the stage 3, and thus again be able to have athletics competitions and other larger club activities, that everyone in our sport understands and abides by these restrictions and that we do all we can to contain COVID 19.

I know that news or more relaxed restrictions has been welcomed and that many of you are very keen to get back to some form of organised training or group runs.

I also understand that the announcement is very general in nature and thus open to interpretation and has raised many questions for some. This is to be expected as the document is trying to describe restrictions that cover every aspect of Queensland society.

The State Government has formed taskforces to flesh out the details for each industry.

In line with this the Department of Sport and Recreation, Qsport and representatives from State Sporting Organisations have been working on detailed advice specific to community Sport and Recreation activity, in particular our clubs, coaches, event organiser and participants.

First draft of that advice is due the Friday 15th of May and I will update you as soon as that document is complete.

I realise that many of you are keen to get some activity going this weekend and that the above may come too late to make arrangements.

To assist and based on discussions with Government to date, I will provide some general advice that can be updated on Friday.

Queensland Athletics Advice for Clubs, Coaches and Athletes 13 May 2020 (to be updated after 15 May 2020)

  • For groups 10 or less – Outdoor, non-contact activity and coaching is allowed from 12pm 15th May 2020 – the 10 includes and parents / guardians that remain at the venue.
  • Social distancing must be applied at all times
  • A dated list of participants, including contact details, must be kept for all activities
  • No one should attend any activity if they are unwell or display even mild symptoms and all participants must agree to this prior to attending any activity
  • The organiser should ensure that good hygiene, especially hand hygiene is practiced and available to everyone in the group.
  • No equipment is to be shared
  • Use of toilets and other indoor facilities should be minimised as much as possible
  • Participants should not congregate before and after activities
  • Under State one our advice is Clubs and Coaches should not organise several groups of 10 at the same time at the same facility.
  • If a facility or park is busy with other groups, find another location – the advice is clear that even if individual groups are 10 and abiding by the rules and social distancing, crowed facilities / parks and so on will see activity banned.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on or 0439 004 983


David Gynther

CEO Queensland Athletics

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