COVID Restrictions Stage 2

Re June 1 Stage 2 COVID 19 Restrictions

You will have heard that Premier Annastacia Palaszczk announced a move to Stage 2 COVD 19 restrictions as of yesterday 1 June. This is great news as we are now allowed organised non-contact training with groups of 20 or less.

Queensland Athletics, working with the Department of Sport and Recreation, Q Sport and other outdoor sports have presented to the Chief Health Officer a COVID SAFE Industry Plan.  We are still waiting for the response. In that COCID SAFE Plan we have proposed the use of athletics venues by more than one group of 20 and associated rules that will ensure that can be done in a COVID SAFE way. I will update you as soon as we get a response.

Until we get that advice athletics facilities are restricted one group of 20 at any one time.

Queensland Athletics advice on return to training under Stage 2 – from 1 June

Committee members of your Club or Groups should all read and stay up to date with the Queensland Government – Return to Play online hub.

NOTE: Sport Australia, Athletics Australia and other States all have posted also advice, in some cases this differs from the Queensland Government Advice, please follow the above advice and that provided by Queensland Athletics and Qrun.


◦ Ensure members understand the risk they pose to other members if they have any of the COVID 19 symptoms, even minor and that they do not attend if they do.

◦ Pre-registration in the best practice, use of the  QA supplied RevSport system will automatically then keep a record of all participants for contact tracing and can be set to limit participants to the required 20. Queensland athletics Staff can assist if required.

◦ If you decide to use another method to organise your groups, such as email or social media, you must keep a record of those that attend, ensure everyone know to not turn up with even minor symptoms and restrict numbers in any group to 20 or less including Coach / Run Leader.

◦ As part of registering to attend any session all participants should agree to a waiver. This is included at the end of this letter

◦ Check that there are no restrictions at the chosen Venue.

◦ Check with Venue any special requirements

◦ Check if Venue will have COVID SAFE singe in place at ant entry and exit points

◦ Check with Venue in regard to regular cleaning of toilet facility’s

◦ Obtain hand sanitiser and small tables for its use.

◦ Preference is for all participants to bring their own sanitiser and use it on a regular basis

On the Day

◦ The group must not be larger than 20, this includes all individuals, athletes, coachs and any parents

◦ The must be no comingling between groups at the same facility, before, during or after activity.

◦ Athletes should arrive just on time and dressed ready to train, athletes should leave the venue as soon as possible after finishing activity – get in and get out.

◦ Make sure participants respect social distancing at all times, while 1.5m is the minimum, 2m to 3m is better when athletes are ventilating heavily.

◦ When running in lanes, athletes to use every second lane

◦ Avoid running in others’ slipstream or in groups

◦ No sharing water bottles

◦ Athletes to bring own towel

◦ Where posable athletes should bring their own equipment, if that’s not possible there should be no sharing of equipment and athletes should collect their own implements.

◦ No high fives or hugs or handshakes

◦ No use of High Jump, Pole Vault Matts or Long Triple Jump pits (we are seeking expert medical advice on this going forward)

◦ Avoid public facilities wherever possible

◦ Make sure you demonstrate good behaviour on social media

◦ Make sure members are aware of abiding by these guidelines

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or 0437004983


David Gynther

CEO Queensland Athletics


I have not travelled overseas / been exposed to a person with COVID-19 in the preceding 14 days. I agree that I do not feel unwell, and don’t have flu/cold like systems such as fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste, muscle and point pain, diarrhoea, vomiting or loss of appetite. I consent information from this form can be used by venue owners and government agencies for COVID-19 contact tracing as part of the public health response. I agree to abide by all the Rules and By Laws of this club, Athletics North Queensland, and Athletics Australia