Permitted Physical Activity in Athletics from 16th May

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RE: Permitted Physical Activity in Athletics from 16th May

Please find some information at the below link. I am still expecting more detail and will pass that on as soon as it arrives.

I understand the frustration caused by the late messaging; State Government have committed to giving more timely information as we move towards Stage 2 & 3

The critical statements for athletics and Recreational Running are:

  • No indoor activity permitted, except for pools, which can operate for up to 10 people.
  • No formal organised community team sport.
  • 1.5 metres between people


  • No formal organised community sport (unless an exemption is approved eg golf, tennis and bowls with specific criteria)
  • Non-contact informal activity permitted for up to 10 people.
  • What does that imply specifically for Athletics and Recreational Running? Queensland Athletics Clubs and Qrun Clubs are not allowed to organise activity or use Club Houses. Individual Members of Queensland Athletics and Qrun may organise to partake in informal, non-contact activity with up to 9 others.

Based on the above and discussions with State Government please note the below updated advice.

Queensland Athletics Advice for Clubs, Coaches and Athletes 13 May 2020

  • Clubs may not Organise any Activity until Stage 2 (June 12)
  • Groups 10 or less individuals may participate in Outdoor, informal non-contact activity such as running or circuit training general fitness work. This must be informal & self-organised by the participants not a Club.
  • Social distancing must be applied at all times
  • No equipment is to be shared
  • It is not permissible to have several informal groups sharing a facility even if they display distancing.

General Health Advice Applies

No one should attend any activity if they are unwell or display even mild symptoms and all participants must agree to this prior to attending any activity
Good hand hygiene should be practiced
Use of toilets and other indoor facilities should be minimised as much as possible
Participants should not congregate before and after activities
If a facility or park is busy with other groups, find another location – the advice is clear that even if individual groups are 10 and abiding by the rules and social distancing, crowed facilities / parks and so on will see activity banned.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on or 0439 004 983


David Gynther

CEO Queensland Athletics

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